Retro Tube Clock

How often do you want to keep looking at a clock after it has already told you the time? Probably not often! We have time-telling products…


Pitendo NES Emulator

The Pitendo is a pocket-sized Rapsberry Pi gadget designed solely to run NES emulation ROMs. The Ultimate edition includes an 8GB SD card,…


Game Boy Color USB Hard Drive

Bring one of the most iconic devices of the 90s into today. Go ultra portable and ultra geeky with this Game Boy Color handheld video game…


Tetris Cargo T-Shirt

Remember your roots with this soft Threadless T-shirt featuring a Russian cargo ship with Tetris-like cargo containers. Instantly…


Space Invaders Pillow

This pink Space Invaders Alien Crab 3D Cushion is big enough to hug, but will also look nice just sitting on your couch. It's roughly cut…


NES Skin for PS4

We love the latest and greatest game consoles and have for years, as we're avid gamers. An ongoing task at DecalGirl, each time a new game…


NES Controller for PC

Relive the years of retro gaming with the NES Controller for PC. This USB device connects to your PC to play classic ROMs. The super 8 bit…


Pac-Man Wall Decals

This PAC-MAN wall decal features the characters Blinky, Pinky, Inky and Clyde as they try to catch PAC-MAN. Perfect for kids rooms, game…

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